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Our friendly neighbourhood alien went on vacation in his spaceship. Sadly his spaceship ran out of fuel and he had to land on a deserted planet.

This spooky planet affected the flying capablities of our alien and he is not able to fly for long duration. Thankfully our alien found out how to harness fuel from abundantly available pumpkins on this spooky deserted planet.

Help the little alien get as many pumpkins as he can so that he can return back to his family.

How to Play


Download on Mobile

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Additonal Information

You can switch to full screen by using F10 key on Windows and <CTRL> + <CMD> + <F> on Mac.

The game is developed using GameMaker Studio and is available on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Android too.

Download Spooky Planet on your device.

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Developed by
Monika Ratan